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Class of 2018

Wherever your life journey has taken you since graduation, we hope you will come back to campus for your 5th Reunion during this year’s Homecoming & Reunion Weekend celebration! Whether or not you will be joining us in person, please help mark this significant milestone and continue the Class of 2018's enduring legacy by supporting our reunion class efforts today.

Your gift, no matter the size, will help ensure that the university can continue to build on its long history of offering a high-caliber education for generations to come. Every contribution is valued and appreciated! Gifts made by alumni and others fund academics, faculty research, scholarships and so much more.

This progress bar will be updated live as members of the Class of 2018 make gifts to any area of the university. All gifts made since July 1, 2022 are included. Our initial goal was to have at least 10 percent of the class participate in the reunion gift, and our class has blown past that goal! Our new stretch goal is 15 percent. Help the Class of 2018 reach our new reunion participation goal by making your gift today!

Were you a member of a fraternity or sorority while you were a student? Your reunion gift also counts towards the Fraternity & Sorority Alumni Challenge!

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Make sure you don't miss out on any communications from our class about the weekend by checking that your contact info is correct at my1693.com.

Class Ambassadors

Each class celebrating a reunion is represented by Reunion Class Ambassadors, whose role is to provide updates about the William & Mary community and Homecoming & Reunion Weekend events, and to ask you to consider making a gift to support your reunion. You may have heard from one of these volunteers already. If you’d like to join the effort and make your reunion the most successful one yet, please register here! If you have questions about the program, please contact the staff liaison for your year.

Ellie Voorhis ’22
Assistant Director, Young Guarde Philanthropy
757-221-2870 mlvoorhis@wm.edu